The NEW Pulse Sub+

Wireless Hi-Res Powered Subwoofer

Say hello to the all-new PULSE SUB+, the latest addition to the Bluesound family. It is designed to add some seriously deep bass to any wireless or
wired Bluesound system with the modern convenience of precision App control, building on all that was good about the original Pulse Sub and
taking it to the next level.

Like the rest of its Bluesound family, the PULSE SUB+ is a from-scratch design created to pair practicality and performance in one elegant box.
Acoustically, the design approach is true to our musically-inclined HiFi heritage, and results in a tight, quick, incredibly musical subwoofer. We’ve
aimed for maximum output from minimal size, built to blend into any room and any décor, and staying true to our belief that a subwoofer doesn’t have
to be as large as the furniture you sit on! This philosophy results in a sleek, compact, and incredibly versatile product that satisfies in the both the ‘performance’ and the ‘looks’ department.

With the introduction of the PULSE SUB+, Bluesound’s subwoofer solution is no longer just a soundbar accessory product – in other words, it’s not
an afterthought. The SUB+ is a robust, connected, and smart solution purpose-built for endless listening as an integrated part of a customer’s
home listening setup. Your music, movies, shows and videos have never felt so good.

+150 WATTS. An all-new 150W Smart DSP Amplifier platform with
custom-designed power supply packs a punch, allowing the SUB+ to
play louder and dig deeper, with tighter, more musical control.

+ 8 INCHES. Now boasting an 8” driver, the SUB+ pushes more air and
gives the amplifier some more room to maneuver.

+ WIRELESS. A HiFi WiFi subwoofer. No wires, no mess, no hassle.

+ BluOS. The world’s leading hi-res multi-room system connects the
SUB+ to any other Bluesound or BluOS Player, with precise function
control in the BluOS App.

+ USE IT ANYWHERE. With a functional design meant to work in multiple
setups, in any room and any décor, the SUB+ keeps the options open.