BluCube is a brand synonymous with high quality and outstanding price-performance.  As well as offering the full suite of features required by the custom installation industry, BluCube speakers deliver crisply detailed audio and rich bass for a surprisingly low price. This makes them stand out as the best price-performing speakers in their class. With tens of thousands supplied across the country this little-known brand is growing by reputation.


Attenuation Switches
Each Blucube custom install speaker pair, from the CXL range, features 6db attenuation switches for both woofers and tweeters. These allow the installer to fine tune the speakers output levels to match room designs, specific applications, or individual listening preferences.

Adjustable Impedance
The 4ohm/8ohm switch located on the PCB provides the installer increased flexibility in matching power output and impedance levels to optimise the systems performance.


The BluCube BCP80 ceiling speakers are the highest-performing speakers in the BluCube BCP range. It features a 2-way design with a larger woofer (8in).


The BluCube BCP65-SS is the single stereo version of the mid-range BCP65 speakers. The twin voice coils and tweeters deliver a stereo signal out of a single unit enabling just one in-ceiling speaker to be used in a room.

Woven Kevlar Cones
The CXL series of custom install speakers use DuPont Kevlar fibres. The woven Kevlar fibres used in the cone allows the woofer section to deliver better defined bass and at the same time producing a refined midrange bringing a cleaner, clearer listening experience.

Titanium Tweeters
The titanium dome tweeters in the Blucube CXL range deliver a smooth, crisp, controlled frequency response with detailed sound. They are able to handle more power and definition more consistently than soft dome tweeters and are protected by a polymide auto-reset switch in the event of overload. With a 30-degree tilt and full rotation swivel capability, the tweeter design allows for a tailored and optimised performance to match room design, or layout.

Stable Mountings
The two-piece baffle design in the Blucube custom install range allows the tweeter to be directly mounted on the bridge itself rather than the pole mounting found in most current designs. This allows the speaker to handle more power with increased cone stability resulting in reduced harmonic distortion.


The BluCube BCP65 in-ceiling speakers provide performance beyond their price point. Identified by their crossover and adjustable tweeters, the BCP65 delivers high quality ceiling-mounted audio.


The new, low profile grille version of our top end speaker. 8″ woofer combined with mid-range drivers to give the ultimate performance and bass response. Recommended for larger rooms and where more bass response is desired.

Durable Construction
All speakers are designed to deliver excellent performance in a full range of indoor listening environments. Polypropylene plastics and large cable gauges, for better signal transfer, will ensure many years of listening enjoyment. Blucube speakers carry a 5 year warranty.

Contractor Series
The CCL range is aimed at development opportunities or less frequently used rooms of the house where a the sophisticated sound of the rest of the range would be considered indulgent. They offer a good sound quality at an affordable price, have a conveniently shallow mounting depth and feature the same finish as the rest of the range with the magnetic low-profile grilles.


The new, low profile grille version of our most popular speaker pair. Suitable for most applications where a discreet footprint is required without compromising sound quality.


The new, low profile grille version of our most popular single-stereo speaker. (Stereo output from a single speaker). Suitable for small rooms, especially bathrooms.


The new, low profile magnetic grille version of our 3-way speaker. Ideal for use in home cinema applications or as a stereo in-wall/in-ceiling pair (sold singly). A pair of 6 1/2″ woofer combined with mid-range drivers to give the ultimate performance and bass response. Single tweeter giving detailed dialogue reproduction.


An outstanding value for money pair of ceiling speakers. Despite its low price the CCL-650 delivers a decent all round performance. It is ideal for lower budget installations where wider audio coverage is desired and is perfect for property developers looking to add value to their projects.


Outstanding quality speakers for the money. Wall mountable and weatherproof, ideal for gardening and outdoor settings. The hard-wearing housings offer a stylish, weatherproof shell for the high quality audio components housed within. Behind the grille, on each model, an angled bass port prevents rainwater from entering the unit.


The BluCube universal fire and acoustic hood is designed to maintain the fire rating of your existing ceiling when ceiling speakers are fitted. It also reduces the sound leakage from behind the speaker and thus improves the acoustic performance of your chosen in-ceiling speakers. The hood is easy to install and offers advantages over existing alternatives on the market.