The NEW Pulse Soundbar+ – Hi-Res Music Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

The PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is the next generation of Bluesound’s class-leading hi-res soundbar. Using the Pulse Soundbar 2i as the benchmark, the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ features an upgraded BluOS ® audio engine, support for Dolby Atmos, a dedicated Wi-Fi link for surround sound, and easy touch-panel controls.

As the first Bluesound product to be built on our next-gen processor platform, the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ benefits from 8x more processing power and 4x memory speed, while natively supporting future-friendly technologies. With its focused amplifier and acoustic design, the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is more than its name implies: it is a HiFi audio solution that replaces the need for bulky AVRs as the centerpiece of a customer’s movie, music, TV, sports, and gaming system.

When it comes to surround sound, the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is built with home theater in mind. Dolby Atmos support introduces 3D height virtualization into the Bluesound ecosystem, and a secondary, dedicated Wi-Fi module on-board means that PULSE SOUNDBAR+ can now connect directly to subwoofers and surrounds, without using the local home network.

Little has changed when it comes to fit and finish – the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ maintains its premium aluminum-extruded body, stylish aesthetics, and super-functional design. We have added simple touch controls on the front panel for quick access to play, pause and volume. The PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is a perfect match for TVs from 48” and up, with a wall mount bracket included for easy installation. The HDMI eARC (with CEC support) and standard TOSLINK and Analog inputs give the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ the flexibility and bandwidth to handle any entertainment setup.

PULSE SOUNDBAR+ Datasheet – Click Here

Immersive Audio Engine
A full audio-chain redesign with advanced DSP now supports 3D surround sound from Dolby Atmos, meaning a wider, higher, and more enveloping soundstage from the PULSE SOUNDBAR+.

Future Forward
Our next generation quad-core processor boasts all the power and speed required for the latest and greatest audio and DSP processing, with built-in headroom for whatever technologies the future holds.

Audio First
The PULSE SOUNDBAR+ stays true to its hi-res, HiFi roots, proving a serious sound upgrade for your TV. The tried and test amplifier platform packs a punch, allowing you to play loud and dig deep, with tight, musical control. Special listening modes and unique audio settings let you dial in the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ perfectly to match any setup.

Surround Sound with BluOs
The world’s leading hi-res multi-room system is the backbone of wireless surround sound setups and multi-room grouping, keeping Bluesound in perfect sync no matter where you listen around your home. A dedicated Wi-Fi module in the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ means low latency wireless surround sound even in noisy network environments.

The Ins and Outs
HDMI eARC, digital, and analog inputs connect to any source and keep your setup friendly and flexible. The PULSE SOUNDBAR+ boasts both wireless and wired subwoofer outs too, meaning you have the choice to use the wireless PULSE SUB+ companion subwoofer, or any wired sub of your choosing. And of course, BluOS® connects the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ to all the music you want to stream, with music services, internet radio stations, and AirPlay 2 on-board

Spec It In
With wired or wireless network setup, and all the necessary ins and outs, the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ is an installer’s dream. Set it up with the included kickstand legs or use the included bracket for easy wall mounting. Choose either orientation for placement, with the wires going up or down – the internal accelerometer will adjust the audio channels and the front-panel volume controls. Finally, easy IR learning capability lets you control the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ with a standard TV remote.