As BluOS continues to grow in popularity, bringing Hi-Res streaming through a comprehensive product range from both Bluesound and NAD Electronics, so too does the CI integration grow in leading automation platforms such as Control4, Crestron, Lutron, ELAN and RTI. Indeed, no other multi-room audio brand offers such a breadth of audiophile grade product, from dedicated streamers, amplifiers to all in one players and soundbars.
As part of that continued CI specific development, we are pleased to inform you that the new Control4 BluOS driver is available for download. This release supports the new Control4 OS 3.
The new Control4 driver v3.0.0 includes:
  • Support for Control4 OS 3.0
  • Support for the NAD M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier
You must reboot the Control4 Director after this driver update.
It should be noted that when starting to play audio from a mini driver the first time, it reverts to the Now Playing screen. However, when selecting the back icon to return to the mini driver, the UI freezes with a loading icon. Until the future Control4 iOS app update is made, it is advised that to go back to “Home” and “Listen”, and select the mini driver again to start audio playback.
This will be addressed in the future Control4 iOS app update.
The driver package is available for download here:
This driver will also be available for download at and on the NAD Electronics website under each supported product.
Please note: the Control4 Composer application will still have the older v2.8.1 driver installed as default.
This will no doubt be a popular update and look forward to supporting you in your new C4 OS3.0 projects soon.



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