BluOS users with a Google Home device will be have hands-free control of BluOS-Enabled products starting early October, 2019

Blusound is pleased to announce that its BluOS Hi-Res Distributed Audio platform will soon be able to support Google Voice Assistant through Actions On Google. Google Voice Assistant joins Amazon’s Alexa as the second VR technology to be embraced by BluOS, allowing for users to control their entire Bluesound systems by voice command.  Users of BluOS Enabled products from Bluesound and NAD Electronics will be prompted to update their players on or around October 8, 2019, to add hands-free control of their music from any Google Home device.

Google Voice Assistant represents the second platform-wide voice control integration for BluOS in a broader voice control strategy that seeks to offer users a choice in which voice assistant they use. This strategy includes the creation of BluVoice, the voice-control interface that acts as the intermediary between BluOS and a compatible voice assistant. For example, BluOS users can ask their Google Home device to deliver music playback commands to their BluOS Enabled device via BluVoice with phrases like, “OK Google, tell BluVoice to play louder,” or “OK Google, tell BluVoice to play Preset 2 in the kitchen”.

“We have always maintained that we want to remain platform agnostic in providing music playback and control options for our customers,” says Andrew Haines, BluOS Product Manager. “The addition of Google Voice as the second platform-wide voice control integration after Amazon’s Alexa, and third such integration if you take into consideration Apple’s Siri for BluOS users with AirPlay 2 enabled products, opens up a world of possibilities for our users to customize their home environment easily and conveniently.”

Google Voice Assistant in BluOS responds to a raft of commands through any network-connected Google Home device, including play/pause, next/back, shuffle on/off and managing the play queue for most user libraries and music services. A full list of commands will be published in support documentation on the BluOS website.



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